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Airport Pickup and Drop Off

For airport transfers, select the Conch Cab Black class of vehicles.

Shared Conch Cabs are unable to provide service to the Providenciales International Airport due to government restrictions on the Community Cab class of vehicles.

Resort Pick Up

For the Shared Conch Cab class of vehicles, the driver will meet you at the resort or hotel road entrance. Shared Conch Cabs are unable to pickup passengers inside a hotel or resort, and as such we'll meet you at the main entrance. This is due to government restrictions on the Community Cab class of vehicles.

Conch Cab Black is a premium service available without any government restrictions and may pick up guests inside resorts.

No Service Zones

Due to government-imposed regulations on the Community Cab class of vehicles, it’s not feasible for Conch Cab to service some areas on the western side of Providenciales.

Conch Cab Black does not have any service restrictions, and may pick up guests anywhere on Providenciales.

Service at the Grand Turk Cruise Centre

At this time, Conch Cab is not available at the Grand Turk Cruise Centre or on the island of Grand Turk. We hope to provide service to Grand Turk in the future.

Accepted Payment Methods

For regular Conch Cab, rides are paid for in cash to the driver. It’s not possible to pay for regular Conch Cab by credit or debit card at this time. We expect to add online payment via credit card in the near future for regular Conch Cab.

For Conch Cab Black, rides are prepaid online via card when booking.

Fare Disputes

Passengers pay the fare amount that was booked. If more than the booked number of passengers ride, extra passengers pay an additional per person rate, according to the Zone Map fares.

Extra Passengers

Conch Cabs may be able to provide rides for extra passengers beyond the number booked depending on availability. Extra passengers pay fares according to the Zone Map schedule.

Booking Rides for Other Persons

The person booking a Conch Cab trip must ride on said trip. It’s not permitted for a Conch Cab user to book rides for unaccompanied person, if the Conch Cab user does not ride.

Damage or Vandalism to Cars or Property
Conch Cab riders are financially responsible for any damage they may cause to cars, Conch Cab property, or driver’s property, beyond normal wear and tear.
Sandy and Wet Clothes
Riders should not be sandy, muddy, or have wet clothes. Drivers reserve the right to refuse service if cars may by damaged by sandy, salty, dirty, or wet passengers.

All passengers, regardless of age, pay full Conch Cab fares.

Tips and Gratuities

Passengers may pay a tip to the driver if they want to. Tips are appreciated, yet not necessary. Your driver should not ask for or demand a tip.

Babies and Car Seats

Conch Cabs are not equipped with baby or child seats, and are thus unable to transport babies or toddlers.

Hailing Rides

Riders may hail available Conch Cabs on the street, yet are advised to book through the conch.cab website to ensure best rates.

Wheel Chair Accessibility

Unfortunately, due to government restrictions on the Community Cab class of cars, Conch Cab is not legally allowed to operate minivans or other vehicles that are wheel chair accessible, and is unable to accommodate wheel chairs.

Extra Stops, or Waits

Conch Cab does not provide waiting services, and are unable to accommodate extra stops during transits.

Phone Number Not Accepted

Conch Cab currently does not support phone numbers from all countries.


Pets are not permitted in Conch Cabs.

Service Animals

Service animals are permitted in Conch Cabs.

No Smoking

Smoking, the use of e cigarettes, and vaping is not allowed in Conch Cabs.


If you have questions, concerns, or complaints regarding drivers, cars, or Conch Cab, please email complaints@conch.cab.

Lost and Found

Conch Cab, and all independently-owned and operated Conch Cabs bear no responsibility for lost or damaged goods. However, all reasonable efforts are taken to restore any property left in cars to passengers. Contact lostandfound@conch.cab or your car operator. Go to About and find the operator's contact information.