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How Conch Cab Works

Conch Cab is an on-demand ride hailing service available on the island of Providenciales. Rides are easily booked online, and live car locations are provided.

You don’t have to install an app to use Conch Cab. From your first visit to conch.cab, you can have a ride requested in less than a minute.

Step 1
A rider goes to conch.cab on their mobile device
The rider enters their destination in the Where To? input box and is shown a list of options. The rider then requests a ride. First time users will be sent a PIN via SMS for authentication.
Step 2
A driver accepts the ride request
A driver is presented with the rider's request and chooses to accept it. The rider can track the driver's location via the map.
Step 3
The rider is picked up and driven to the destination
The rider and driver confirm each other's names, and the driver then starts the journey to the destination.
Step 4
Finished! The rider can leave a review
Once the journey is complete, the rider can leave a review about the driver. If the rider didn't appear for their pickup, the driver can flag the rider's account and their account may be blocked.