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What is Conch Cab?

Conch Cab is a ride hailing service available on the island of Providenciales in the Turk and Caicos. It connects riders with drivers, and offers a convenient transport service with transparent rates, easily-identified cars, and great service.

Rides are on demand and are booked on your phone through an easy-to-use website. Customers can see live car location information, so there’s no uncertainty on waiting times.

Rides may be shared. For regular Conch Cab, rides are paid for with cash. For Conch Cab Black, rides are paid online in advance.

Conch Cab trips to some locations may require minimum numbers of passengers. Even if less than the booked number of passengers actually ride, the booked total must be paid.

Be sure to book for the right number of passengers. Conch Cabs may be shared, so there may not be capacity if the correct number of seats are not reserved.

Due to regulations imposed by the Government, Conch Cabs may not pick up passengers inside of resort grounds. When passengers book at a resort, they will be prompted to relocate to a designated pick up location nearby outside of the resort.

Drivers and Cars are Independent

All Conch Cabs are independently owned and operated. Conch Cab Limited does not employ drivers, and does not own any vehicles.